Following the relative success of the first edition of i-LEAD’s Industry Day in 2019, the consortium had no hesitation in committing to another event in 2020. The feedback, experience and popularity of the first session provide encouraging steps for an improved and more valuable second meeting.

Due to the current COVID pandemic, we are moving the i-LEAD Industry Day and Research Day online. The risks and challenges linked to having physical meetings were deemed too high; thus, we will run online sessions with a plan to hold physical meetings in The Hague in due course.

Due to the event now running online, we are afraid that only members of Law Enforcement can join the sessions. All other parties are encouraged to join the Research Day running in November. The registration form can be found here.

Find out more about the i-LEAD Research Day which follows Industry Day 2.0. The events are organised in association with the Europol Innovation Lab and “The Hague Security Delta” (HSD).

Industry Days 2.0

Changes to the Industry Day selection process

i-LEAD Industry Days - steps

In an attempt to provide value for the audience and deliver engaging sessions closely linked to the current gaps, needs and challenges of LEAs – there are a few changes we are making to the organisation. 

Essentially, we are adding a step in the process – providing a wide range of LEAs and officers access to the materials of companies, before the event.

The officers will then review the resources that are of interest to their domain and score the technologies accordingly. The solutions with the highest scores will be invited to take part in a secure online session where they will present further details of their products. These sessions will be paired with interactions with the LEAs in a participatory Q&A session and dialogue.

This change ensures that more companies can provide an initial representation of their product to the LEAs, and increases the likelihood that the longer meetings will be matched to the common challenges across Europe. Another, indirect, effect of this change means that niche products, only useful to a small number of crimes and LEAs, will be available for officers to review online.

An additional change will be a ‘brainstorming and mind-mapping’ session available for technology companies, LEAs and researchers. This will run as part of the Research Day event which will follow at the end of November.

For the Research Day – all the relevant projects will have an opportunity to present an overview of their project and how it helps with the known challenges of LEAs. Also, there will be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

Discussion Areas

i-LEAD Industry Days 2.0

The goal of the event is to provide an atmosphere and environment that is conducive for collaboration and deep discussion about technology and the real-world issues facing Law Enforcement. Providing this setting creates an opportunity for industry and Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to discuss the cutting-edge solutions that can assist with the known needs and gaps identified during the Practitioner Workshops.

Technology Areas

Although the crime areas differ in practicality, many of the technologies that could help support Law Enforcement and improve the fight against criminals are cross-sectional. Moreover, due to the demand for innovative solutions, technologies that offer wider coverage and that can integrate with existing systems are very attractive.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that supplement other technologies or can integrate with other solutions are a key focus area in 2020. The Technology Gaps and Needs covering the Crime Areas, regularly mention these requirements.

Industry Days 2.0

Contact Details
Twitter – @i_LEAD_Project

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security organises i-LEAD Industry Days; if you have any questions or aspects you would like to discuss, please reach out to